LoRaWAN Class B Support

Do any of the Developer Gateways support LoRaWAN Class B?

That’s really more a question of the network server you point them at, not the gateway.

So most likely they all would, the offered software isn’t much different than the Semtech reference version of the packet forwarder and in the event you had any issue it’s easy to build the upstream reference version to run on the developer gateway’s pi platform.

@cstratton - I only ask because the product description specifically says “Class A and C”, making me wonder if there is some limitation that would prevent Class B operation.

And specifically, Class B needs a GPS time sync signal (it’s really the main difference between Class A and B from the gateway’s perspective), so that downlinks can be sent at “absolute time” for inter-gateway synchronization). Is the time sync output from the GPS module in these gateways compatible with the Semtech reference for GPS time sync?


My only RAK hardware that includes a GPS is the new RAK2287 (not sure if that’s available in the pi-based developer series yet) but just spent an interesting evening playing with it, using a port of the Semtech sx1302 code to an openwrt platform (with the temperature sensor code disabled)

It does seem that at least on this board GPS PPS is correctly wired to the concentrator PPS input, and I modified my custom host board to pickup the GPS UART pins, so with the hardware requirement met, the rest is software (eg, does the UART message from a particular GPS correspond to the previous or next PPS pulse?)

With some care, I was able to transmit messages with a “tmms” GPS millisecond timestamp (referenced 1980) rather than the usual “tmst” rolling microsecond counter reference. I sent these on typical uplink frequencies, bandwidth, and IQ setting so that I could receive them with another gateway. In my test, two messages sent 150 seconds apart were received by the other gateway (with a RAK833) about 1/4 of a millisecond different from the programmed 150 second interval.

So while not an official answer, my gut feeling is that if you’re willing to put some attention into the software, this can work; for all I know it actually works right out of the box.

@cstratton - That sounds promising, but I’m puzzled by your statement that only the RAK2287 includes GPS. The specs for all of the WisGate Developer models claim to support GPS. What am I missing? And if only the RAK2287 actually does have GPS, what complete gateway is that module available in?

I said no such thing, and that is obviously not true. What I actually said was:

My only RAK hardware that includes a GPS is the new RAK2287

@cstratton - Ah, I understand now–RAK hardware that you have in your possession.