LoRaWAN gateway with RAK833+Raspberry PI 3

Hi, I would like to ask some question:
1)If I create a LoRaWAN gateway with these two will it be compatible with TTN? I have read somewhere, RAK833 isn’t compatible with LoRaWAN, is that true?
2)I am gonna make a GPS tracker, and I am thinking to buy LGT-92-LI (https://www.dragino.com/products/lora/item/142-lgt-92.html). Do you have any suggestion? I am looking for prebuild, packaged tracker.

Hi @dreamincode,

  1. That’s not true. Actually, RAK833 + RPi can work with TTN or loraserver perfectly. We’ve supplied the precompiled firmware image on our website, and you can find here:
    and use it according to our document:

  2. Do you mean you want to make a LoRa node which connects with a GPS module, then it will send GPS data to RAK833 + RPi LoRa gateway and TTN over LoRaWAN? If it is, maybe you can refer to our RAK5205: https://downloads.rakwireless.com/en/LoRa/WisTrio-LoRa-RAK5205/

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Thanks for your reply @Fomi
I am going to use the GPS tracker as an end node for my gateway. The tracker should show the location of animal, human etc.