LoraWan Otaa Timing to Join Request in RAK811

Hi, im using LoraWan OTAA in Rak811 Breakout Board. I want to know if its possible to decrease the time to get a Join request. This is my timing:

14:56:17.928 -> Welcome to RAK811.
14:56:17.928 -> Selected LoraWAN 1.0.2 Region: US915
14:56:18.029 -> Waiting for join
14:56:23.484 -> at+recv=3,0,0
14:56:23.484 -> Joined ok!
14:56:23.484 -> Msg: 10 Sending…
14:56:24.876 -> at+recv=2,0,0
14:56:24.876 -> TX_UNCOMFIRMED ok!

So i need wait like 5.5 seconds. It’s possible to reduce this? Its a normal timing to get it Rak811?

I have the antenna RX close to me (5 meters outside of the room)

Also im using : https://github.com/RAKWireless/RAK811_LoRaNode

HI. The join procedure is not only affected by Node - Gateway. The Join is given from the Application Server and forwarded trough Network Server. What are you using TTN or ChirpStack?

Im using ChirpStack, what can i do ?

And Gateway is? If you are using RAK industrial one, you can try build-in server, if it is RAK Pi based, try ChirpStack on the Pi.

yes, its a RAK Pilot (831) with Pi

Hm…I have to check this. To be honest I have never check the join time :slight_smile:

well, im checking the join time because i need to turn off the device (i need to send just 1 data in 1 week but so fast) and i cant get all the data from only one join, save it in the RAK and use it when i turn on the device.

In OTAA this is normal timing for join procedure. Why do not try ABP mode. There is no join waiting.