Lorawan port on rak811 node and gateway server

Dear all,
I see in command send data from rak811 and send from server to node also have LoraPort argument

I tried and can use up to over 100 but not clear what is it? Any limit? Is it related with frequency hop?


It’s part of the core LoRaWAN spec to allow you to have different uplink message types - no part of the infrastructure knows or cares about it and it has no impact on the radio - it’s there for you to implement as you see fit.

If you search for the LoRaWAN spec, it will give you the details including the limit.

FPort values 1…223 (0x01…0xDF) are application-specific.
FPort value 224 is dedicated to LoRaWAN Mac layer test protocol.
FPort values 225…255 (0xE1…0xFF) are reserved for future standardized application extensions.

Thanks Nicholas,
So i can sent data to any port from 0x01…0xDF right?


Yes, correct, but still maybe you should read the spec …