Lorawan_public value is not set properly

Hi all,

I have RAK7249, firmware version 1.1.0056_Release r193.

Here is how to reproduce this issue:

  1. Disable the LoRaWAN Public in the web management and click button Save & Apply
  2. SSH into RAK7249, “option lorawan_public ‘0’” is added into /etc/config/lora_pkt_fwd as expected
  3. Check /usr/bin/global_conf.json, the “lorawan_public” still has the value true which is wrong


by further checking the /etc/init.d/lora_pkt_fwd.

I notice that the actual configure file is at /vat/etc/global_conf.json and by change lora_public on web interface, the value did change as expected.

The /usr/bin/global_conf.json is not the real configure file. Then what is this for?


The runtime configuration file of lora packet forwarder is “/var/etc/global.conf”.