LoRaWAN RAK7240 configuration: how to automate it?

Hi all,

I have setup a LoRaWAN gateway RAK7240. I went through the Web Management Platform, and it worked well. However, even if the Management Platform is user-friendly, I am looking for something more efficient.

Is there any SSH-commands set, easy buildable config-file to send to the RAK7240? In other words, I am chasing a way to automate the RAK7240 configuration. Has anyone any advice, tips or process to share?

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I am not the gateway expert here, but maybe our WisDM Gateway management could be a solution for you.

Hi @beegee,

Thanks for your quick feedback.

I’ve been looking into the WisDM platform (thanks for sharing by the way). I understand that is a device management platform. It offers several features, and I will keep this in mind. However, I am more looking for a way to automate the configuration of my gateways (Packet Forwarder I want to use, Network Server IP address, etc.).

Do you know something else that could feet my needs?

Once again, thanks for your help,

@velev @Martin @Hobo

These guys know much more about gateways than I do.

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@velev, @Martin and @Hobo, I would like to thank you in advance for your participation!
I will be glad to hear your advice regarding my Gateways configuration topic!

Keen to hear from you,

Hello @EmSys22,

Sorry for the late reply. For now the only way to configure the gateway is either locally or via WisDM.