LoRaWAN Relay product?


Now, about one year later I think it is time to bring up the topic LoRaWAN Relay feature - devices available? again.

Is there a RAK product available that acts as a LoRaWAN Relay?

If no off the shelf product is available, can someone recommend any RAK modules and source code that give a good start to build one?

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Hi @jabbe ,

RAK3172 supports relay but not yet in RUI3. @BennuEng has a working RAK3172 Relay as he shared here.

If you plan to build a LoRaWAN relay, the Relay branch of LoRa Basic Modem is the starting point. Of course, it is important to read the LoRaWAN Relay standard.

Compared to the common LoRaWAN End-device, there are modified behaviors on the device if they should support a relay. It will have an added Wake-on-Radio (WOR) frame, enable CAD, etc.

This webinar about LoRaWAN relay is also good reference - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZkSpNRt3Rk

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Hi @jabbe we can help you out to get Relay up and running on the RAK3172. Feel free to send me a direct message.

Thank you for quick and valuable help!

Right now we only have a couple of RAK4630 boards and the plan was to by more of them.

But perhaps we should consider the RAK3172 instead then!