LoRaWAN Repeaters

Can any suggest me suitable LoRaWAN Repeaters?

Dear RAK Wireless Team,

Help me to find the LoRa Repeaters?

Hi. It is big difference between LoRa and LoRaWAN. For LoRa there are some solutions, but RAKwireless makes LoRaWAN solutions. So, we can not help you with this.
For some proprietary LoRa solutions there are some like this LoRa Repeater .
But keep in mind: Please Note: This device is purely for our LoRa proprietary RF products and NOT suitable for LoRaWAN.


A LoRaWAN repeater is basically a software device running on what would basically be “node” hardware, only mains powered. In theory, you could make one from one of RAK’s various node platforms, if you wrote suitable software for it.

Beware that fitting a repeater into the protocol requires changes to behavior of the actual nodes. Semtech (who makes the actual chips used for LoRa and designed the LoRaWAN protocol) has papers and presentations on the theory, but repeaters are not widely used in LoRaWAN in practice.

Most LoRaWAN users would probably just want to deploy additional gateways instead of repeaters.

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