LoRaWan traffic counter


I need your brains to compile a list of components to assemble a (car/truck) traffic counter and preferable one that also is able to calculate speed. No need to display it but having it send to DataCake would be helpful.


The common way I see is via image processing. I think this is the right approach as well. WisBlock has no camera at the moment to do that. Assuming the scenario is like a highway where you count car/trucks.

Hi @carlrowan thanks for the reply. To give more context, it’s about slow moving vehicles and cyclist.

I see. If image recognition is not an immediate option (or if looking for other solutions), Maybe those 10meter ultrasonic sensors (if vehicles are slow moving and road is not too wide)? Also some photoreflective sensors?

road is indeed only 6 meters wide (but traffic still exceeds the 30km zone to often) I can attach the sensor on a streetlight directly facing the street in question. I guess it needs some software coding / programming as well.