Am I safe to assume that LORAWAN_TX_POWER TX_POWER_0 implies less transmitting power than LORAWAN_TX_POWER TX_POWER_15?

I’m looking to reduce the transmitter power.



@FranklinsAce , Welcome to the RAK forum.

And welcome to the sometimes confusing world of LoRaWAN definitions.

TX Power 0 is the strongest signal
TX Power 15 is the weakest signal

You can find here an overview per Region:

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Thank you, very helpful. A couple of follow-up questions:

  1. RFU = Reserved for Future Use??
  2. AT Command references the RAK3172 while I’m using the RAK4631 - assuming the command set is the same?

RFU is reserved for future, they are not defined in the LoRaMAC stack.

The RAK4631 doesn’t have an AT command interface like the WisDuo modules. I just referred to it to show the assignment of TX power.
The RAK4631 comes without any firmware, just a bootloader. WisBlock is designed as open source, leaving the firmware development to you. But we have many examples in our WisBlock repository WisBlock/examples at master · RAKWireless/WisBlock · GitHub.
There you can find examples for all our WisBlock modules and LoRaWAN examples

Excellent, glad I asked. Thank you for your prompt reply :smiley: :+1: