Low Resolution camera for WisBlock based device

I’m looking for a camera module that I can connect to WisBlock in this setup: RAK4631+RAK5005-O+RAK5860 or RAK4631+RAK5005-O+RAK2305

I am looking for a way to capture a low resolution image and slowly transfer it over LoRa or Cellular when needed.

RAK4631+RAK5005-O+RAK5860 or RAK4631+RAK5005-O+RAK2305

Any ideas what camera module can fit my needs would be more than appreciated.

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I can’t recommend and exact part number, but can give you some key features to narrow your research (from the requirements you posted). The camera module needs to:

  • Be I2C or SPI compatible, so you don’t have to mess with other protocols not yet supported by RAK core modules.

  • Include a FIFO, otherwise you will need lots of RAM to store your image.

  • Native command for scale image, so you don’t have to juggle with framebits.

  • Support snapshot mode.

  • Support RAW output format (easier to manage than compressed formats)

You could look at some of the things people use with the more primitive ATmega-based Arduinos.

But the key issue is that the extreme bandwidth limitation of LoRa makes sending images over LoRaWAN all but unworkable.

Think about what the minimum x * y * greyscale resolution to have anything useful would be. Then pack to bytes, and compare against LoRa packet lengths at various data rates. If you can use SF7 you might barely accomplish something split over multiple packets spaced out in time, but beyond that it’s really unworkable - you’d need to look at a cellular data solution, either traditional or one of the “in-between” scale technologies like LTE-M.

You can have a look at this camera - OV7670. This is very common.

You need many wires to connect it to WisBlock Core RAK4631 though. You can check RAK5804 WisBlock IO Extension Module to have access to most of the IO pins of RAK4631. Here’s the link https://docs.rakwireless.com/Product-Categories/WisBlock/RAK5804/Datasheet/#overview.

As for guide, you can look on tutorials how to connect OV7670 to nRF52840 since that is the same MCU used on RAK4631. There must be some libraries compatible to that.


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@carlrowan and all, thank you very much! This is very helpful.

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any updates on this approach? Looking to use an OV2640 or OV7670 but wondering if I’ll run into any issues with the standard SCCB interface

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I don’t think anyone has ever connected successfully a camera to the RAK4631.

But the community here might proof me wrong.