Lowest Possible Power Consumption of the RAK4631

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working on a project using the RAK4631 module paired with the RAK5860 on a 5005 baseboard, utilizing the Arduino BSP. My goal is to achieve the lowest possible power consumption on the 4631 when the 5860 is off.

Here’s what I’ve implemented so far:

  • The RAK5860’s power states are controlled via WB_IO1, toggling it between on and off.
  • For GPS functionality, WB_IO2 is utilized.
  • To minimize power, I’ve set WB_IO1 low to fully power down the RAK5860 and also set WB_IO2 low.
  • I’m using radio.sleep() to disable LoRa functionality, achieving a minimal power draw of around 1mA. I have not looked to much into how Bluetooth can be disabled.
    -I looked a little into the MAX_SAVE but, this seems more for debugging.

I’m looking for any insights or recommendations on further reducing the power consumption. Are there specific pins or background processes I should focus on? Would switching to RUI3 be better? Any advice on optimizing the configuration or additional steps I could take to decrease power usage would be greatly appreciated.