LTE with URL as gateway address on RAK7249 DIY Gateway

We are running an own Lora server (Loriot). How can I configure the right gateway address at “WAN Interface”? We are running our gateways in an internal net, which has no access from outside. So if gateway connects via LTE, the fixed IP doesn’t work. Therefore I have to enter an full URL, which the DNS can resolve. But I can’t enter characters, just a numeric IP. How can I get an URL work as gateway address? Thanks for support!

Can you try to use DDNS service? WAN ports can not be configured different than an IP.

Unfortunately we cannot use DDNS.
Other gateways use URL instead of IP.

Andreas Kücker

Hm…maybe i can not understand your topology correct. If you want to forward your LoRaWAN packets via Semtech Packet Forwarder you can add the url there. The Gateway uses LTE right? So no matter if you use UDP packet forwarder or MQTT bridge, you can point them to custom url. If that is not your case, please describe more about your network topology.