LX200V30 EVB project howto, need your assistance

Good Morning to all and thank you in advance for your assistance.
I am building a specific project for which i need to use a set of LX200V30 EVB.
I have a rpi4 running a specific software on which the rpi has a static ip. The rpi software allows access to a specific external IP. The rpi static is and the PC ip (external) is
I have connected my rpi to one of the LX200V30 EVB via ethernet and a pair of cables goes to my second LX200V30 EVB, both are powered via their power supplies and at the moment i am unable to see my rpi from pc, or pc from rpi. Most likely i realize that i need to configure my LX200V30 EVB but at the moment i have gone nowhere with what ever documentation i have found.
Can anyone help me?

Hi @TonyAntz You do not need to configure your modules. They work out of the box. Please check your cabling. Also, make sure that you have access from the PC to the RPi with only an ethernet cable.

testing rpi to pc i always had connection and after you message and some more investigation, i found my mistake. It worked straight as soon as i configured to have default gateway pf PC the rpi and vice versa.
Thank you all for your help

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