LX200V50 Connection Guide

I recently received a LX200V50 development board. I reviewed the documentation and wanted to find out the optimal connection to achieve make throughput. I didn’t find this information in the online datasheet. I continued with testing and used two v50 development kits with the included 3 wire cable. The max throughput on TCP testing was 230Mb/s. Using UDP I could only achieve <100Mb/s (maybe a computer issue?). I tried a few different cable combinations and was able to achieve 300Mb/s (TCP) using cat5 but never got close to the stated 1Gb/s. Could you make a recommendation for the best case setup. If you have a quick start guide that could prove helpful for initial testing.

Did you rate this development kit for ac power connection? The 1206 coupling caps seem undersized for AC use.

I also noticed the unit is significantly hotter than previous models. Do you have a heat sink/airflow requirement or recommendation?