LX200V50 EVB - Pinout

I have recently bought a “LX200V50 WisLink 1000 Mbps PLC Module + EVB” set, but I noticed a lack of manual or datasheet. The one available on the website is not complete, since it doesn’t show some important information such as the pinout of the power line connector. Unlike the LX200V20 or V30 EVB, the green connector has 3 slots, and it is not labeled anywhere on the board or in any documentation.

Anyone knows how to get the full datasheet or manual for these boards? Or at least tell me the identification of the green connector pins?


– VMartini

Hello @vmartini ,

Yes, the documentation is in process of creating, this will be added.

Here is the explanation that you are looking for:

Pair 1 = PIN1 +PIN2
Pair 2 = PIN2+PIN3
Pair one or Pair two can provide up to 500Mbps physical layer speed.
Pair 1+2 can provide up to 1000Mbps physical layer speed.

Hope this answers your question.

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Is the documentation complete for the LX200V50 yet? It would be very useful to have information and part numbers for the powerline coupling transformers and associated components. We’d like to design the LX200V50 into our products, but cannot proceed without complete EVB schematics.

Many thanks!

Hello @bstiles ,
Please forward this request to [email protected] .

Nikola Semov