Managing Downlink Data to RAK4270 based Lora Sensors

Issue: Managing downlink data

Setup: Any

Server: Any

Details: How does the community manage the downlink data to high numbers of RAK based sensors.
For example - I have 1000 RAK based sensors in the UK and 500 RAK based sensors in France

I now need to modify the uplink period on the sensors in the UK (1000) from 30minutes to 60minutes
How is this managed efficiently ?

Thank You

Depends on what network you are on depends on what tools are available?

It’s not a RAK4270 thing, more an application server thing.

These things are usually considered before deployment of devices specially at large scale.

I hope you have implemented some kind device configuration via downlink on the external MCU (if RAK4270 is used via AT commands).

Without this, I am afraid you have to go to the devices and reprogram the transmit interval one by one.

On the other hand, if you have implemented this device configuration via downlink, the best way is via multicast. But that should be preconfigured on the network server and on the device beforehand too.

If we find out which network he’s on, there are various tools for scripting downlinks from batch commands.