Maximum Endpoint Capacity for RAK7289V2 WisGate Edge Pro Gateway

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I am the proud owner of a RAK7289V2 WisGate Edge Pro gateway, which I am using for an IoT project. I am trying to understand its capacity limits. Could someone please provide information on the maximum number of endpoints that this gateway can handle?
Your insights and experiences would be extremely helpful in optimizing my network.
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Hello @SaifHmissa ,

It is really hard to give the maximum number of end nodes that can connect to a gateway as it depends on many things mainly the configuration of the whole system.
However the gateway should be able to handle over 1500-2500 devices with ADR and also follow the duty cycle limitation(also depends on the LNS).

Nikola Semov

I understand that the exact number of endpoints depends on various factors, including the type of endpoints, their data transmission frequency, and the gateway’s processing power. However, I would appreciate any general guidance you can provide on the relationship between endpoint count and channel count.

Additionally, I would like to know if there are any specific recommendations or best practices for optimizing endpoint capacity on the Rak7289v2 gateway. I am particularly interested in learning about strategies for balancing the number of endpoints and channels, as well as any considerations for gateway configuration.



In theory, if you have 16 channel gateway(two concentrators) you would have approximately twice the capacity for end nodes compared to an 8chanel gateway (one concentrator).
Everything other than that depends on the LNS that you chose.
The LNS is the one that changes some settings in the end device like channel plan, ADR, etc. You should use ADR and enforce the duty cycle limitations to have the best capacity that’s for sure.

Nikola Semov

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The maximum number of connected endnode devices, it is not the same that the maximum number of device transmitting at same time. I am say that because the device can be a “connected status” but in reality, it can be sleeping or collecting sensors data, but it is not transmitting all the time.

A number that you can use when you don´t know the devices behavior, it is 1000 devices per channel. Then if you have a 8 channel system (gateway and endnodes), it will support more or less 8000 endnodes. It is a good idea, it you don´t know how much time will spend to grow the number of connected device, you can begin with a 8 channel gateway working, for example in sub-band 1. When the gateway capacity is reaching in the maximum, you can add on more 8 channel, in the next sub-band, for example sub-band 2.

Is it clear?


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