Maximum number of LoRa device with one RAK7258

I saw the license page in the RAK7258 server page. The license status is normal and type of license is free. The maximum number of LoRa device is 128. Is it the limit of the LoRa compliance or the RAK? If I would like to apply for a license, it is the license from LoRa or RAK ? Thank you

Hi,Leo, This is license for rak7258 commercial gateway embedded lora server can free to use if the network sensor device quantity below 128. if you need node device larger than 128, pls send email to get the licensee price list.

This is concurrent connected devices correct? No more than 128 devices can connect through the gateway at one time, or can only 128 devices be configured to use this gateway at one time?

Hi @AlbertZeroK. This license is only for RAK Build-In Server functionality. You are free to connect as many devices as you want with RAK Gateways. But if you want to use the Build-In Server, not external one, you are limited to 128 registered Nodes at once in the Build-in Server.