mbedOS support for RAK811

I am very much used to developing applications in mbedOS. I have purchased the wisnode which has RAK811 for lorawan communication.

Is there any support for RAK811 modem in the mbedOS.
Is there any example of mbedOS in which wisnode or RAK811 is used?

Please help.

Thanks and Regards,
Sritam Paltasingh.

Hi, @sritam2

I’m sorry for that we haven’t a mbed version firmware for RAK811 by now. We only have this open source firmware for RAK811:

Hi Fomi,

Thank you for the valuable information. But in the github there is a project which has been done for RAK811 based on mbedOS. The link is:

I followed the link and I am able to write applications for RAK811 based on mbedOS.

I have another doubt:
What is the flash size and SRAM memory size of RAK811 lorawan modem?

Thanks and Regards,
Sritam Paltasingh.

How easy is it to write application on mbed? are all the functionalities implemented on the framework? any heads-up would be great for mbed.