Meshtastic 2.x with RAK19010 Base Board, should that work?

Hello everyone,

my I ask a question to all Meshtastic specialists around. Should Meshtastic work with a RAK19010 base board? Because this board is not explicitly mentioned in the Meshtastic hardware list and I can’t get it to work. I would like to use it because of its straight forward power supply with 5-24 Volts (RAK19016). Does anyone have experience with Meshtastic and RAK 19010 ?

Kind regs

Beside of the additional IO slot and 2 more Sensor slots the RAK19001 is the same as a RAK19007. There is no reason that Meshtastic should not work on it.

I just flashed this version of Meshtastic ==> firmware-rak4631-2.0.10.e09b12c and it works on a RAK19001. Not sure if that is the lastest version.

What other modules do you use together with the Meshtastic firmware? If you have other modules in use, try to remove them and test one by one.

Hi Bernd,

thanks, but the board in question is 19010, not 19001.

I have:

  • RAK19010 base board with power slot
  • RAK19016 power module 5-24Volt
  • RAK4631 Core Module (868MHz)
  • RAK1921 OLED

When I power up with 12V, the red LED goes on. But the core seems not to boot up. No green/blue LEDs, no bluetooth, OLED not displaying anything. All totally dead except the red LED at the power module. I checked the voltages at the base board: 3,3 and 5 Volts are ok.

Because this config has no USB to load the firmware, I first put the core into an RAK19003, flashed it there, configured and tested it OK, and then put it back into the RAK19010.


Good to hear hat you tested 19001 with meshtastic OK. My next order will comprise a 19001 dual board :wink:

Should be the same, The RAK19010 is just taking the power supply part to the Power Slot module, in your case the RAK19016.

Did you try a “normal” firmware that just flashes the LED’s for example on the RAK19010/RAK19016 combination?

Run a quick test this morning with Meshtastic (same version as mentioned above) on the RAK19010 using the RAK19016 and it works. Powered by 12V.

thank you for this valuable information. Now I know at least that RAK19010 is an valid option and should work. Very good.

Is a test firmware (UF2), like mentioned above, available for download somewhere? Because unfortunately I can’t write FW myself. I am not a programmer, only user with a technical background.

Send test file via private message.