Meshtastic Kit and OLED Screen


I am new to hardware in general. I would like to build my own Meshtastic communication device. I picked the Meshtastic kit and I would like to add an OLED screen. Do I need anything else to connect this OLED screen? meaning another WisBlock or cable?

A second question would be this one:

  • Where the Meshtastic software would be flashed? In RPI 2040?

Here is what I would like to buy to achieve this:

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Welcome to the forum @devinacloud

From hardware side, the OLED screen requires soldering on the RAK19007 Base Board to connect the OLEd screen. You can either solder wires between the screen and the display or solder pin-headers on the RAk19007 and connector on the display to plug the OLED screen in directly.

Meshtastic firmware will be flashed on the RP2040. The RAK2040 is not my recommendation for Meshtastic, you need to do the setup through your computer, because the RAK11310 RP2040 doesn’t have BLE. It is much easier with the RAK4631 nRF52 to do the setup through BLE. In addition the RAK4631 has a lower power consumption than the RAK11310 RP2040.

If you go for the Meshtastic Starter Kit, it comes with the RAK4631, not with the RAK11310.

But for more information, the Meshtastic discord channel is the place to ask.
We are not developing or maintaining the Meshtastic firmware.

Hi beegee

Thanks a lot for your help and recommendations.
Will buy the one you mentioned.
Could you further help me by letting me know where on the baseboard I must solder those pins?
Is there any case I could use for this particular setup?

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Not the best, but all we have at the moment:
RAK1921 Hardware setup

The RAK1921 comes with matching headers and connectors.

If you are not in a hurry, we plan to have by end of may the WisMesh Pocket:


No mounting or soldering required.