Meshtastic kit w/ poe - false long button press causes shutdown

Please include the following information, in order for us to help you as effectively as possible.

  • What product do you wish to discuss? RAK4631, RAK3372, RAK11200, RAK11310, RAK11722?

    • RAK19007 Base Board
    • RAK13800 Ethernet-Module
    • RAK19018 PoE Board
    • RAK12500 GPS
    • RAK4631 LoRa Core Module
  • What firmware are you using? (RUI3 or Arduino BSP or other IDE (e.g. STM32CubeIDE)?

  • What firmware version? Can it be obtained with AT+VER=?

  • Computer OS? (MacOS, Linux, Windows)

  • What Computer OS version?
    Fedora 27

  • How often does the problem happen?
    Every ~30minutes

  • How can we replicate the problem?
    Hook up these nodes and flash one of these meshtastic releases

  • Provide source code if custom firmware is used or link to example if RAKwireless example code is used.

INFO  | 21:37:57 902 [Button] Shutdown from long press
INFO  | 21:38:00 905 [Button] Shutting down
INFO  | 21:38:00 905 [Button] Entering deep sleep forever
INFO  | 21:38:00 905 [Button] Disable NRF52 bluetooth
DEBUG | 21:38:00 905 [Button] SX126x entering sleep mode (FIXME, don't keep config)
DEBUG | 21:38:00 905 [Button] Completed sending (id=0x48df96cb fr=0xaf to=0xff, WantAck=0, HopLim=3 Ch=0x8 encrypted rxtime=1716845876 hopStart=3 priority=64)
INFO  | 21:38:00 905 [Button] GPS deep sleep!
INFO  | 21:38:00 905 [Button] Saving /prefs/db.proto
INFO  | 21:38:03 908 [Button] Saving /prefs/config.proto
INFO  | 21:38:05 910 [Button] Saving /prefs/module.proto
INFO  | 21:38:07 912 [Button] Saving /prefs/channels.proto
INFO  | 21:38:09 914 [Button] Setting GPS power=0
DEBUG | 21:38:09 914 [Button] Sleep Time: 0

Got replies on the mestastic github.

The RAK12500 was in Slot D, and not Slot A (which is the correct slot for RAK19007 boards). So this is a user error on my part. Thanks for the very quick attention!

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So the problem is fixed?

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