Micropython on RAK11310, now supported by Micropython

Hi All. Great news… Micropython now supports the RAK11300. The build process for the RP2040 now includes the required cryptolibs so you can use aes, which is needed for Lorawan… You can build the images from source at github.com/micropython/micropython or if you just want to download it it, i have placed a copy of the firmware at

I’m just preparing a board file for the micropython project, so the RAK11300 will have all its pin references named along with configurations for the WISBlock…

Im nearly finished with a working LoraWAN project which you’ll be able to use to connect to TTN, or to a private Loranetwork ( I’m using AWS IOT )

Having supportable Python as an option for the RAK11300 is really good.




Thanks for sharing.
Do you have some examples or docs how to use LoRa from Python?

I’ll be on porting the code that Mauro who wrote. It was written for an SX127x, which is a little bit diffrent but not entirely…

I’ve just finished porting the sx1262 to python from Radiolib ( which is written in C )

Might be a few more weeks to finish all the bits…

NB, i’m using Pycom Pymakr on VSCODE as my IDE

As it turns out it does’nt look too hard to get RAK specific micropython workign on the ESP32 module (11200 )… or the nRF52840… Micropythons already got ports for all of those.

Are you interested in supporting the port?

@beegee , would you be able to point me in the right direction in the ardunio code, where it creates the lora packet… I’ve got stuck, trying to figure out what the first byte should be…

Depending on the example code, the packet format is different.
Our simple examples RAK11300 Solutions are using a RAK specific data format.
Each of the solutions start with a different value to specify the packet content.

Solution Byte 1
Environment 1
GPS Tracker 9
Hydraulic Pressure 4
Agriculture Intelligent 8
Agriculture PAR 11

You can find the packet formats in the README.md of each example.

I prefer to use Cayenne LPP format in my own codes. It is easier to parse them in the LoRaWAN server, because most have a Cayenne LPP decoder ready to use as payload decoder.
Payload format

Thanks Beegee, for the link… I probalby did’nt ask my queston very well, but the link took me to the info i needed.

I’ve made some progress, now… I’ve not yet tested this, ( thats this weeks work )… I’ll be running this on a private network into AWS for the time being…

This code only does ABP, ( OTAA to come )… and its only doing CLass A… and its not even going to sleep… I’ve got a handfull of sensors to connect up as well.

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If anyone is still looking to get micropython working with lora I was able to get it all dialed in, it communicates well with the heltec lora esp32 v3 boards using the same library with a few changes to the pinouts.

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