Micros() is just millis()*1000?

I tried using the Arduino API function micros() on a RAK4631-R, but it seems to only ever returns values that would indicate it has a resolution of 1000us.

Is it just a wrapper and is riding on millis() calls?

Is micros() something that RAK is planning to implement soon?

Hi @psupine ,

The resolution for microseconds will be supported on the next RUI3 release. We also got the report from one of our RUI3 users who is doing ultrasonic project.

That’s good news. It’s not an issue for me yet. I’m just timing low level maths functions, so I can iterate 1000x, and then subtract an empty equivalent loop to get a timing estimate.

Is the RUI3 ticket list public?

Hi @psupine ,

RUI3 tickets are internal only.

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