Minimal Driver Source code for RAK2245 pihat

I have a very small rootfs and kernel that runs on rpi4 which is based on yocto.
trying to build a lorawan gateway but I am not able to find the core code.
What I got is but that is debian specific.

What I assume is that there would be some code running on the Host RPI4 to read data packets from the RAK2245 UART may be using AT interface ?which would then be fed into lora network code.
The board is only using ethernet connectvity as backhual.e
I thought the code would be in rak folder but its not there

I have seen a guide for RAK811 which is very simple way of communicating through UART,

Can someone help here… Looking for a way to create a simple lorawan gateway

Hi, you can check here As RAK2245 is concentrator module not Node as RAK811 simply way is not possible.
The Git is everithyng you need to run tha Gateway, only check the pin mapping and lower the SPI speed.

Hi @mjg,

We’ve ever shared a small firmware for RPi3 + RAK831/RAK2245 based on Yocto, you can find the source code here:

But this project is just used for interesting now, so you can refer to it for your project.

Thanks for reverting.
I also have one question on the rak224x.
As I am learning and building for a demo, rak2245 hat takes up uart port of the raspberry pi and the only option left is wifi/lan. Is it possible to still use raspberry pi uart in some way, if not then is rak2247 usb with the mpcie2usb be taken ?


Hi @mjg,

If you want to use RPi’s uart for other device like RAK811, you shouldn’t use RAK2245 Pi HAT because its GPS will use the only one uart of RPi.
Yes, you can use RAK2247 surely.