Missing signal strength on WisGate FW 1.3.5

Issue: Missing signal strength on Cellular/LTE

Setup: 7249 with FW: WisGateOS 1.3.5

LoRa® Server: External

Details: Upgraded 7249 to latest firmware and noticed the Cellular signal strength is only showing 0

Below is a snap from the syslog:
“network_type”:“FDD LTE”,“opt_id”:“24201”,“band”:“LTE BAND 28”,“channel”:9260,“signal_level”:0


Find it strange that this topic isnt fixed yet as you have RSSI value on LoRa… but nothing on the gateway signal (RSRP and RSRQ) being the 4G/LTE out…

The Quetel EG95-E modem support this and the values should be available.

AT+QOPSCFG=“scancontrol”,2 //Configure to scan all bands in 4G network.
AT+QOPS //Scan all bands in 4G network.
+QOPS: “XXX MOBILE”,“xxCC”,“46000”

where -72 is the RSRP value and -11 is the RSRQ value)
RSRP = signal strength
RSRQ = signal quality