MKR 13010 and RAK7249

Hello everybody.

I’m trying to connect an Arduino MKR 1310 to a RAK7249, but no success.

The RAK is US915 version and the MKR 1310 is running the basic example sketch with US915 frequency selected.

I have checked at the MKRWAN Library Issues at Github and it seems there is a compatibility problem between the sub-band(s) used by the MKR 1310 and the sub-bands used by some Gateway.

Anybody has some positive experience with MKR 1310 (or MKR 1300) and RAK7249 ?

Just to clarify one point: is the RAK7249 capable to work with any sub-band of the US915 range, or there is some limitation ? Because, if I discover which frequency sub-band is using the MKR when working in US915 mode, maybe I could adjust the RAK to work with the same sub-band.

thank you for any help


You can modify the gateway’s sub-band to be the same as your node, and then try again.