MNTD Blackspot SD card swap


This past week I onboarded my new hotspot, between the initial sync to the blockchain and the POC v11 shenanigans this was a frustrating experience. I knew from the start about having a wired connection, a static IP, and port forwarding #44158 and knocked that out to keep problems minimal. Eventually my hotspot did fully sync, but kept falling behind for a few hours then would sync, rinse and repeat… Through my research I came across many people recommending to upgrade the original micro SD card.

Well I gave it a shot, opting for a Samsung 256GB with V30 A2 rating. Following a guide I found, I formatted the card to exFat, downloaded and unzipped the latest firmware (2021.12.14.1), and flashed it with Etcher, then installed into the unpowered Blackspot. After giving it a solid hour powered back on in the Helium Diagnostic, it is showing no inbound/outbound, no IP, no connection to the blockchain, and 0% sync. I’m at a loss here, can someone please enlighten me on what I’m doing wrong?


As far as I know the max card size for the miners is 128GB so this might be the issue.
Best head our discord to exchange some more info there like for example the diagnostics report.