Modbus and 4 20mA

Modbus project and 4-20mA output, along with saying hello, I must implement a Modbus node with a Troll 600 probe in situ and a siemens mag 500 flowmeter with analog 4-20mA flow output, but I don’t know how to start with both the hardware and the software what can you recommend me? From already thank you very much

Welcome to RAK forum @mmejiasrd2022 ,

You can probably have a look on this modules and check their documentations:

WisBlock RS485
WisBlock 4-20mA

Both of these modules use IO slot of WisBlock base so you will need the big WisBlock Base with dual IO slot.

Hello carlrowan thank you very much for your help, I will study what you tell me to acquire the modules.


I’m wondering how you have made out with this? I am attempting to do a very similar project with in-situ aqua troll 400. Same programming as your device. Have you figured out how to poll it? Do you have a direct read cable you can sacrifice?