MQTT clients continuously disconnects and reconnects

Hi everyone, I am using the RAK13800 - Ethernet Module WIZnet W5100S-L and RAK4631 (main core) to connect to Mosquitto MQTT broker as a client, but I amd getting continuously disconnect and reconnect. I tried to configure the keepalive but it doesn’t seems to work properly.
I should mention that I also use a UWB module and both are working on a dual base IO RAK19011. Only I use the UWB to get the distance between devices and then sends to the broker.
Is anyone there knows to fix the issue?

Not sure whether the UWB module is our RAK13600, but if it is, there are multiple IO conflicts:

  • Both modules use same CS
  • Wakeup of UWB is RSTn of Ethernet module
  • RSTn of UWB is INTn of Ethernet module