MQTT Gateway bridge + Build-In server


I’m trying to configure the RAK7249 using the internal Build-In Server but with the MQTT gateway bridge active.
If I route the Packet Forwarder dircetly to the Build-In Server, all is OK. The join procedure succeed and I receive “application/+/…” on my MQTT client.

But when I route the Packet Forwarder to the MQTT Bridge (internal), I can see the “gateway/+/…” topics on my MQTT client, I see the “application/+/join” and the associated “gateway/+/rx”, but the Build-In Lora server never respond to the gateway with the join ack.

I try this conf because I need to send some special messages directly to the gateway through the MQTT bridge.

Anybody has already try this configuration ?

Thanks in advance,


Did you mean that you only have one RAK7249? It routes the packet forwarder data to the mqtt bridge and then forwards it to the build-in lora network server? If so, I suggest that you directly select the build-in lora server in the packet forwarder instead of Use the MQTT Gateway bridge. The build-in lora network server assumes that the packet forwarder on the local machine communicates directly in the gateway.

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