MQTT interface with Trackpak?


I wanted to get infos of stickers in my Home Assistant system but I can’t find a way to interface Trackpak with Home Assistant. They don’t have any MQTT system ? or something standard ? All I could find is an API but that is not supported by Home Assistant right now :frowning:

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Hi @vincen ,

I will directly forward this to Trackpac team. I will let know what possible work arounds (if any).

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Thanks a lot @carlrowan :+1:

Hi @vincen ,

I already asked about MQTT. Trackpac team shared that it is in the roadmap. Seems there is no quick work around at the moment but create a script/service that will convert the API to MQTT. Please do note that if any custom development is needed, Trackpac can work on it under their service offering.

That’s really a sad news all the more even the mobile app of Trackpac is not working with accounts created on their website for stickers :frowning:
Isn’t it possible to register stickers straight in the Helium account ? so they can be really used for real !

Utilize Home Assistant’s REST API or the RESTful Command component to communicate with Trackpak’s API. You can set up automation in Home Assistant to periodically fetch information from Trackpak using HTTP requests.

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