Msg="apply gateway-configuration error" error="gateway does not exist"

Hi Everyone -

I keep receiving the following messages in my syslog:

Aug 23 21:37:26 rak-gateway lora-gateway-bridge[7856]: time=“2019-08-23T21:37:26+01:00” level=error msg=“apply gateway-configuration error” error=“gateway does not exist”

Does this point to any misconfiguration? I’m using the stock firmware (RAK2245_based_on_Raspbian_OS_V2.9.2_20190820).


Log in to the web page of loraserver and check whether the gateway_id of the web page is consistent with the gateway_id stored in the /opt/ttn-gateway/packet_forwarder/lora_pkt_fwd/local_conf.json file.

If it is inconsistent, please add the gateway to the web page.

ZhuQI -

Yes, I checked and they are the same gatewayID. Any other ideas?


One other thing to note is I’m trying to run this as a standalone GW server. No TTN. Running the stock rak firmware image.

Can you send me the file /var/log/syslog?
Email:[email protected]

All sent through email. Let me know if you need anything else.

Please set the “Gateway-profile” column to empty.

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I blanked out the Gateway-profile and the message seems to have gone away. Any idea how this got set? I’m pretty sure I didn’t set anything up other than the base firmware load. Thanks again for all your help!


This is what we set in the base firmware.

Weird. I wonder why is was throwing that error then.


About the configuration of the gateway-profile in the loraserver, this is what I just learned.