My miner is eternally syncing


This is another miner of mine that’s having issues.

Ran fine for a few weeks and then just read “syncing”. Went to the hotspot, unplugged it and plugged it back in, and then ran a diagnostic report on it:
Hotspot: crazy-foggy-worm
Hotspot Maker: Cal-Chip Connected Devices
Address: 11215ahtMCqMQsEHw5o78tQTMBaCax4HBz4KSvPSugUnV7vq1ayf
Connected to Blockchain: yes
Dialable: no
Height: 1
Last Challenge: 2021-12-11 07:36 AM
Firmware: 2021.12.14.1
App Version: 3.8.5
Wi-Fi MAC: 60:81:F9:1E:97:E7
Eth MAC: 60:81:F9:1E:97:E6
NAT Type: Unknown
IP Address:
Disk status: ok
Report Generated: 2021-12-19 01:05 PM
Device Info: iPhone12,5 | ios 14.8.1

Looked like everything in the report was okay and the the memory card was still good. At the top it said Outbound had a green checkmark and Inbound had a gray x (so it was relayed and that’s fine) with a sync % of 0. Days later it’s still set to syncing. Am I missing something obvious here? It’s in a great location about 30m up on a big building with a 6db antenna.

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