N00b AU915/AS923 issue

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I have 3x Wisblock Helium mappers all working well on AU915 Helium network until the switch to AS923

I used nrfToolbox to connect via BLE to the mapper and typed in AT+BAND=0 to switch to AS923 to map on the 923 network as Australia isnt using 915 anymore and now I cant get JOINed to the network. When I reboot the mapper and connect to BLE again, even a change back to AU915 wont return an “ok” response… or any response.

Im completely lost on windows software etc, but can drag and drop a UF2 file and that doesnt really do anything at all. The RAK took didnt work for me either.

Thanks and sorry

ohh… using the 4631 board…


Welcome to the forum @topher2880

RAK Tool means RAK Serial Port Tool ? You set it to 115200 Baud?

If you send AT+STATUS=?, do you get any response to that command?

What is the status of the green and blue LED’s on the mapper?

Hi Bernd

Using the RAK Serial tool, it wont allow me to open the com port. It says “The device does not recognize the command.”

The only way I can connect to it is via Bluetooth using nRF Toolbox

What is the status of the green and blue LED’s on the mapper?

Hi, the green light comes on for 5 seconds and then goes off again for 5 seconds

Blue light is off… but if I press the reset button blue light comes on for a few seconds and green light is rapid blink for a few seconds.

If the green LED is dimming on and off that means the device has no valid firmware.
You need to flash the device again with a valid firmware.

Firmware update over BLE is not safe. If the download to the device fails, the old firmware is not recovered and the device cannot boot anymore. It is stuck in Bootloader Mode.

If you connect the device over USB, does it show as an external USB drive?

I can press the reset button twice, and then it will come up as a drive in windows explorer. I have done that, and dragged and dropped the mapper UF2 file.

Even after that, I am still stuck on the issue

Its strange that changing from band 1 to band 0 (AT+BAND=0) wiped the firmware on 2 different boards, but keen to get it fixed :slight_smile:

I am not sure why the device is not responding on AT commands anymore. A change of the LoRaWAN regions should not trigger such a problem.

I send you an UF2 file as direct message for testing. Let me know if that changes anything.