nanoDap v2.3 stuck at maintenance

I am using nanoDap v2.3 , tried to load the Firmware by following the link


i also tried

but it remained stuck at maintenance , and if go to the drive there is a file called failed.txt in which it is written

“error: In application programming aborted due to an out of bounds address.
type: interface”

Can you please help me in this regard,

thanks in advance

Are you trying to use this on our RAKDAP1 ?

I cannot say if RAKDAP1 supports nanoDAP, it should be used with the firmware that is on the RAKDAP1 when you buy it.

You can try this firmware GitHub - AISkyLab/AISkylab-DAPLink-STM32: 欢迎访问项目主页
It is compatible with the RAKDAP1

thank you so much ! @beegee

Its working! I just tried. Thanks a lot!

Muhammad Usman

I tried this file. Drap and drop on RakDap1 device

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