Native Espruino support

It would be interesting to have the native support of Espruino (
The RAK8212-M is already supported and I’m using it successfully.

yes, it is. do you mean some of other product would be better have Espruino support?

The new RAK5010 NB-IoT Tracker, for example. The RAK5205 LoRa Tracker.

Hi Kenyu,
I’m interested to develop on Espruino too with the RAK5010, could you add it to Espruino please?
Thank you

Hi @Pierre,

Yes, that’s our plan for RAK5010. :wink:

That’s a great news, do you have an idea when it will be supported?
Please don’t forget to map the GPIOs and the green LED on Espruino, as it’s actually missing in the Arduino mapping.
Looking forward to try it out!

Hi @Pierre,

Thanks for reminding about GPIOs.
Actually, RAK5010’s Espruino will be supported by Espruino official later, so, just wait for my good news. :wink:

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