NB IoT Weather Station

Building a weather station on a wisblock that will need to use NB IoT to send its data out.

Will need a I2C interface (temp/humidity), an ADC (wind direction) and at least 2 GPIOs (wind speed interrupt and rain gauge interrupt). Previously using LoRa this worked well with the IO expansion board.

If I plug the NB IoT board on it uses the same slot as the IO expansion - are there enough required pins (listed above) on the Base Board or core I am using (Lora)?

Can IO2 (pin 3 on J11) be used as a GPIO?

Or is there an NB IoT core available?


Hi @mutton ,

IO2 is useable as GPIO pin if you are not using it to enable/disable 3V3_S. With that, it seems a WisBlock Base RAK5005-O will be enough: I2C, 1 analog and 2 digital.

Sadly, there is no core with built-in NB-IoT capability and no plan in the future yet.

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Can I check how you refer to the base board pins in Arduino

IO1 = WB_IO1
IO2 = WB_IO2
AIN = ??? Is it WB_A0 or WB_A1?

WB_A0 is linked to reading VBAT so I hope its not that

Unfortunately it is AIN0 == WB_A0

Hi @mutton , just to add. You can still use AIN in the header by removing R7 so it will not be connected to the battery.