Need english version of this soil monitor

I am trying to find an english vendor for this soil monitoring device for the Soil Conductivity Monitoring example.
Soil Monitor

Also was wondering if there is anything we could attach to the board that is a ground sensor that could detect vibrations for micro-earthquakes.
Lastly is there something we could connect to the board that could measure rain water?


Hi @a1projects , we are launching our own soil moisture sensor this coming WisBlock Week (early January 2022). Our R&D team developed it internally so we can support you better.

I am not sure what is a micro-earthquakes but you can check this one You can fit it directly to RAK1920.

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I am excited. Will keep an eye out for that sensor!

Ok I looked at the earthquake sensor. So this doesn’t go in the ground? How does it read vibration without being in the ground?

Oh also, do u have links for a rain measurement and wind direction sensors too?


I am not an expert on seismographs so probably check omron’s website or support if they can give you more info.

What rain measurement and wind direction sensor are you pertaining too?

I was just curious if there was a rain measurement one you could recommend. Do you know what day the soil sensor will be released in January? Plan on buying that when it becomes available