Need help correctly setting up new device on RAK web interface RAK7258

I am using RAK7258 as my gateway. My device is RAK7204. I would like to know how to use the device to collect temp data and send it to the RAK web interface.

For my device, I have the EUI: 60C5A8FFFE78421F, SN: 9181003X19A20227, Freq: 923MHz
RAK LOT Number:202002

LoRa® Server: type this ip address to access the rak web interface shown in the picture)

Things I am unclear about:
-I am not sure where to get the device address, and my lora network is also not receiving any uplink, all the join request made by the device is rejected, i am not even sure where i went wrong.
-right now what i have done is getting the rak web interface up, i added the device, and i configured the mqtt broker to use for later to connect to thingsboard. but the uplink traffic is not used as all my join request were all rejected.


i also cant find any information on the internet on how to get the device address

If you are using ABP (that’s how you setup the device in the RAK7258 from your screenshot), you have to setup the device as well in ABP mode.
In ABP mode you set the Device Address, NetworkSessionKey and ApplicationSessionKey by yourself and you have to have the same settings in the device and in the gateway.

if i create the device address as 123456789 is that how it works or is there deeper layer of how to get the device address?
also if it is not too much could you give me a brief explanation of payload and how to point my network server to my mqtt broker? I was thinking of using thingsboard mqtt broker, as i searched online and learnt that they had one.

Maybe read some documentation about LoRaWAN might help?
LoRaWAN® End Device Activation

Payload is defined by you as well. You can do whatever you want, as long as you know how to handle it on the LNS.
I prefer CayenneLPP. It is a little bit larger, but there are ready to use encoders and decoders available.

For MQTT, maybe this helps:
Use the MQTT Broker Like a Pro + Examples
The Mighty MQTT! What You Should Know About It

um, i have read up on mqtt quite extensively, however since this area is new to me, i was hoping that you can point me in the right direction.

this is my mqtt.fx configuration,

The problem that i am still facing is that the packet is rejected and when i connect to mqtt fx the connection is lost.

The setup i am trying to go for is to use rak7258 gateway as my network server.

so the idea is that the iot device 7204 will publish message to mqtt broker at, and mqtt broker will publish a message to the rak web interface. Right now i cannot connect the MQTT broker to my rak web interface. i am not sure if there is much difference but i use windows operating system.

this is the gateway backend config

this is my RAK7204 device configuration. i am using rak gateway rak7258.

Sorry, can’t help with that.

Maybe one of our Gateway guys here can answer. @Nikola maybe?


Let me clear out some things for you:

1 The flow that you need to follow is RAK7204–LoRaWAN—> RAK7258 – MQTT—> MQTT Broker. This is the flow. If you want to see the data from the end device in RAK7258’s WEB UI you can skip the MQTT Broker.

2 The MQTT that you have set is for connecting with LNS(LoRa Network Server), you can not use the built in LNS from RAK7258 this way.
If you want to use the Built-In LNS you should use this setting:

Also if you want to use the MQTT to connect with MQTT fx or other use the option in LoRa Network->Global Integration.

The easiest way to do the job if you are just starting in LoRaWAN is to take it step by step.
I recommend you first register the RAK7204 in the gateway, and confirm that you see uplinks from it, without touching the MQTT, then after that, you can proceed with messing with the MQTT.
Also, you can make a factory reset to the gateway to be sure that you revert any changes that you made and start on a clear system.

Nikola Semov

i have already setup the network server, the problem is that i am not getting any up link traffic.


when i power on and off my rak7204,

this is soemthing i get, not sure if this helps

this is my device(rak7258) config

What is the Frequency of RAK7204?
Dont you see any packets from it in the packet logger?
Are you using subbands?

Nikola Semov

sorry for the late reply, i am not sure what is wrong with the rak7204, i used another device i was able to get some packets, not sure what is wrong, sorry to bother you once again, but do you know how to solve thingsboard web ui issue? i downloaded thingsboard community version through the windows documentations, on command prompt it says that thingsboard server is up, i downloaded the whole thing once, and i have tried to clean up everything i deleted, and downloaded a new, i am not sure if there is any residue or if the previous download is still using the ports that i originally assigned to it 1883, 8080, 5683.

if you look at the thingsboard database there is a little cross there, do you know why is it so?