Need help - question re LED Lights WisLink

Hoping someone can help me --and apologies if I am in the wrong section. I have been trying to get som einfo from support for a WisLink LX200V30 EVB development Board and PLC. We are having an issue connecting to an IP camera after a power outage and I suspect something in this hardware. Camera was receiving power fine and transmitting data back prior to a two day outage but would not power up after the outage. Just for extra fun, the camera is an underwater installation so not easy access. That said, we have confirmed no physical damage to the camera or supply cabling.

I need some clarity on the following - and forgive me because I know very little about all of this.

  1. In the attached photo is the LED light circled in orange that is adjacent to the RJ45 jack supposed to stay on? What is it the indicator for? Right now it will go on when the ethernet cable is plugged in but goes off a bit later ( maybe a minute or less).

  2. I believe the LED marked by the red arrow is the indicator for the PLC. It is giving a very slow and quick blink ( a blip every 10 secs or so) but does this even when the cable connection that plugs into the system and goes to the PD is physically disconnected. I am assuming that the lack of light up/slow blink simply means there is not a power line/date connection - is this correct? And, how would you troubleshoot if the issue is te hardware in the module?

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