Need some help with testing - RUI3 AT command library for host MCU's

I started to write a little helper library for AT command communications between an Arduino based host MCU (ESP32, nRF52, …) and an RUI3 based WisDuo module.

So far it supports some of the most important RUI3 AT commands, for other commands it supports sending them as “raw” commands and has functions to get the response from the WisDuo module for analyzes.

My testing capabilities are limited to ESP32 and nRF52, it would be great if the community here can help with more feedback.

Library repo: RUI3-Arduino-Library
Examples: RUI3-Arduino-Library/examples at main · beegee-tokyo/RUI3-Arduino-Library · GitHub
Docs: RUI3-Arduino-Library: Main Page

The library is listed already in the Arduino Library Manager and in the PlatformIO Library Manager for installation.
Avoid using V1.0.0, that version is not exisiting.

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