Need to build a custom WisBlock module for your IoT project? Check this out!

The WisBlock series has been getting a lot of attention as the new RAKwireless modular IoT system. Based on four main blocks, WisBlock works to make projects and deployments easier and faster.

Because of its rapid growing user base, RAK has developed multiple IO and Sensor modules to accommodate multiple use cases. However, some variations may not be available yet from RAK. Thankfully, there are current workarounds available to this.

As an open source project, WisBlock makes all resources available to build your own custom WisBlock module. Here are just some examples of the custom modules you can make: WisBlock Sensor Board, WisBlock IO Board, and WisBlock Enclosure.

Through the template project and schematics provided, learn how each part should look and how to get started. From there, an RTC example is given to illustrate how to go about making your own module.

Read more in-depth information about making your own custom WisBlock sensors here: