Need to buy 30 WisTrio LPWAN Tracker RAK5205

hello i am trying to buy some WisTrio LPWAN Tracker RAK5205 but everywhere i look they are out of sock do you know where i can buy some ?

Hi @elpis ,

I wish I can give you 30 now but the product is not really available and already in its end of life phase. It still uses an old LoRa module and might not be best fit for new product launches.

You can probably have a look on WisBlock IoT Hardware Platform.

They can work as a LoRaWAN tracker and you can customized its functionality whatever your application requires. It can be expanded with other WisBlock Modules too.

Basically i need a lora node that incorporated gps and BME680 in a similar price range is there a possibility to order direct from the factory that manufactured them the first time ? I will be need around 300 if everything works out in my plan