Network ID and white list

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What means OUI? I don’t understantd good the paragraph below. Can Staff Rak explain please?
How can i create a white list? If I set a network ID, Must i set network ID in all nodes? What adventage i will have in set netword ID?

Packet Filter
By enabling this functionality, you can filter incoming traffic and only forward packets from
the desired nodes in order to optimize bandwidth usage over backhaul. You can filter by
OUI or Network ID by whitelisting.
The Enable Auto Filter slider allows nodes to be automatically dropped in accordance with a
set of parameters. One can set threshold values for Discard Period, Join Period, Join
Interval, and Join Count (1 and 2 for Join Interval and Join Period respectively).

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Hi @HCL,

Basically you filter by a portion of the device EUI.


What is the correct format for OUI filter input?
A8:17:58 or A8-17-58 or A81758

Assume only items IN the list pass as Setting NetID doesn’t work?

Any plans for DevEui filtering?

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Unfortunatelly I am the wrong guy to ask about this :slight_smile:
@yutao might be able to answer, that is when he has some time away from developing :wink:


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Hi :sweat_smile:
The OUI White list is a type of DevEui filtering. OUI means the first 6 bytes of DevEui ( in hexstring ).
DevEui : 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
OUI: 010203
If you have enabled the OUI white list and add ‘010203’ into it, only devices whose DevEUI starts with 010203 are legal.

@yutao thanks understand that.

Multitech allow you to WL on devEUI which has on occasion been useful.
The issue with using OUI is all say sensors from Elsys are blocked.

BTW assume greyed background entries on LoRaWAN Packet Logger are dropped packets?

BTW assume greyed background entries on LoRaWAN Packet Logger are dropped packets?

I have a RAK7258 and whenever I add an entry into the OUI white list (just the first 3 hex values of the DevEUI), everything gets filtered including the devices I am attempting to whitelist. I’ve been RAKing my brain trying to understand why… Any other tips would be appreciated!

Updated the firmware to 1.3.3_RAK b100.

Hello @smay,

When you enable the filter, you also need to type the Network ID of the LNS:
The Net ID must be in decimal value (e.g. the Net ID of TTN is 000013 which in decimal is 19.)

Thank you. That was the missing bit.