Network sever Join APB Netowrk session key

In the [Network Server] --> [Applicaton Edit] [Application Configuration[ for APB where do you enter the Network Server Session keys and the Application Session key

There isn’t anywhere to enter these keys in Network Application Edit…

You can only enter Application EUI and Application Key

|Firmware Version|1.1.0062_Release r202|

Session keys are unique to an end device, so you would enter them when registering the device, not the application.

It seems the session keys are generated on oota join. But if you want to start an apb network first without oota. How are the apb keys generated and accessed.?

Hei @JoeyG,

Might this be what you are looking for ?


Basically what you do is add a device to your application inputting an EUI, afterwards you are taken to the page from the screenshot where you change from OTAA (default) to ABP. You can than enter your Device address, Network Session Key and Application Session key. The latter two can also be generated randomly with the green thingy.
No idea if this is what you are looking for, but I thought I should share in case it is.