New comer to use RAK10701 field tester and RAK7268V2 gateway

Hi professional RAK users
I am new to use RAK10701 field tester and RAK7268V2 gateway, I believe below are stupid questions but there is no one in person I could ask around me, so I ask in this forum:


  1. RAK7268V2 gateway power on, connect to internet by ethernet cable, frequency is EU868, lora LED solid green.
  2. RAK10701 field tester power on, frequency is EU868,
    the screen left top status always show failed or joining.

So the question is :
How could the field tester can measure gateway lora signal?
I guess the answer is
(1) gateway need to connect to netserver such as TTN?
(2) field tester also need to connect to netserver such as TTN?

Kindly provide your comments, thank you so much.

Welcome to RAK forum @roomofcor ,

You are correct that the Field Tester must be registered first on your TTI LNS (also your GW of course).

Please follow this guide.

In addition, once all is setup correctly, the device must be outside to get GPS signal and start mapping. Else, you have to press the button twice to activate force uplink if you are mapping signal indoor.

Hi carlrowan,
thanks for you reply, one more stupid question.

(1) for gateway, I see the gateway QSG that I could let gateway connect to internet TTN netserver by gateway’s ethernet port, then add this gateway device in TTN account.
(2) but how could I let field tester connect to internet TTN netserver? I do not see method in QSG, by field tester’s usb-c to PC to internet? or?

thank you so much.