New Firmware with GPS and

I’ve installed the new firmware and I’m trying to extend the updated version of beegee-tokyo’s Lorawan Tracker to provide the fields suggested for Helium’s Cargo Integration and Mapper Ingest. My issue is that I’m not seeing the values expected. For instance:

  • I’m seeing 0 and 1 for hdop (I don’t think 0 is valid)
  • I don’t see an option for Accuracy

Any ideas what I’m missing?

Here’s my github if anyone wants to play:

Hello @Arkieguy , welcome to the forum.

Where is your antenna located when you test? If you are testing indoor, the results can be as bad as this. For example, my house has a metal roof and I cannot get any satellite info inside.
I have to go outside where the antenna has a unobstructed view to the sky to get a location fix.

Yeah, that and the fact that I had the antenna in the wrong orientation certainly contributed to my issue. Sorry, I’m an idiot. :slight_smile: I still don’t see a way to get “accuracy”, but that may be handled by the number of satellites and the hdop working now.

Thanks for the help (and the great WisBlock example code)!!

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