New here, need some help

Issue: Hello all, I have an idea and I am trying to apply it.
I have a RAK2245 Pi had, it is working well and the gateway is connected.
I got a RAK815 and I am trying to make it send the GPS data toward the gateway. I am blocked because of the quick start configuration of RAK815 ( they recommend one of two IDEs: IAR 8.11 or KEIL 5. And both of those are not open source.

Is there anyone who can help me to guide me toward my goal? (send gps data from RAK815 to the gateway -RAK2245 in my case-).





Dear Ammar-mohanna,
Is there no software available in the previous hardware?
It would be a shame if you could not compile in both ways!
Best regards!

Dear Nicholas,
Thanks for your reply.
But I am not sure that I understood what you mean.

I have both hardware. I’ve never used RAK815 before.
All I want to do is to send GPS data using LoRa from the RAK815 toward the RAK2245.

The problem is that I cannot use an IDE to follow the product configuration, and is there like short paths to get to my goal?

Dear Ammar-mohanna
If there is a new product, you only need to do it in these ways!

Hello @ammar-mohanna As we support only those dev environments, you can check here for a different approach :slight_smile:

Thank you guys, this was helpful.
@Nicholas @velev

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